Introducing Emily Grace Mei Venn

Saturday, January 31, 2009

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Emily Grace's First Symphony

Last weekend, we took Emily Grace to her very first Symphony. We just had to. She has this obsession with the violin. When I was girl, I always thought that I would have my children take piano lessons. Now that I have a child, I realize that they think for themselves. :-D Imagine that! She loves classical music and when there is violin in the piece of music, she gets so excited and says "Mommy, I hear the violin" and begins to play her invisible violin. It is too adorable. This orchestra had a "instrument petting zoo" before the show and Emily Grace was overly thrilled to be able to hold a violin and actually use the bow (is that what you refer to it as)? I feel sure that there are Violin lessons in the near future

Sunday, January 11, 2009

We Came in 4th place in the Photo Contest

Please check out the following website and see a pic of our family that came in 4th place in a Photography contest. Once you have seen our unique pic, please look back at the top of the website. The pics change and there are about 3 of Emily Grace being shown. We aren't proud of our lil' beauty or anything :-)

Friday, January 2, 2009

Christmas Morning with gifts from Santa Claus

PIctures from Various Houses on Christmas

Here are pics from the various Houses. In a little while I post pics from Christmas Morning after Santa came to visit!! I have to organize know how it is :-)

Our Favorite Christmas Yet!!

What a wonderful Christmas we had this year!!! It was filled with family, love and especially filled with a wide eyed 2 year old full of excitement about all of it. It all started with a journey to the North Georgia Mountains where we spent a Christmas celebration with my extended family in Cabins (12/19-12/21) We then spent Christmas Eve with my nuclear family at my brother John and his wife Chris' house. Christmas morning was spent here with both sets of Grandparents watching the thrill of Santa Claus and a big breakfast. We then had a Christmas Day dinner at my brother Michael and his wife Sydney's house. The following day we had another entire Christmas Day with all of David's family and finally New Year's Eve we had a family party here at our house and New Year's Day, we had a big extended family dinner at my parent's house. All of it was joyously fun and filled with wonderful food and gifts!! We are so blessed!!!!
Here are a few pics and mostly of Emily Grace and her Santa gifts. She received a much wanted bitty baby with all of its accessories, a doctor's outfit and a sushi set along with countless wonderful big gifts from grandparents and family.
Hope yours was as wonderful!!!