Introducing Emily Grace Mei Venn

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Part 2 of yesterday's update

Going along with yesterday's post, here are a few pics from Emily Grace's debut at the Family Reunion.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Update from the last month

Wow! What a severly busy time for us. Emily was 13 months old when we finally met her. This means that we missed her first birthday. Every baby should have a "first birthday." We recently had a belated first birthday party for Emily (just imediate family, since her 2nd birthday is in 6 months) I cooked and cooked....mental note: I will have her second birthday catered. Cooking=Work!! We traveled up north for a family reunion and Emily Grace's debut. We participated in a highschool "toga football game" with my students. Emily wore her first toga as we cheered in Latin for the Mustangs. She just looked at us like we were crazy. We visited the Apple orchard and apple festival in Elijay with my parents. (Didn't feel like fall, it was about 90') On that day, Emily tried apple cider for the first time. She looked up rubbed her belly and said "mmmm..goood" We had never heard her say that before. It was too cute. Now, she says it all the time for foods that she likes. We bought Emily a Leap Frog alphabet fridge phonics for her faux birthday and she loves it. She will say words and will tell you the beginning letter. Ie: Rain and rain begins with "R" I was stunned the first time, now we play word games. Right now, I am having a hard time updating because Emily wants to have a "tea party" again. I have had a lot of imaginary tea lately. :-)

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Sixth Month Anniversary!! Tempus Fugit

It is hard to believe that the day that we were blessed with Emily Grace was 6 months ago today. In some ways it seems longer and in other ways, just like yesterday. She has progressed and grown so very much in 6 months that it is like we clearly have a different daughter. She has grown so much and is so independent that it is clear that we no longer have a baby but a little girl. I am thrilled and saddened all at once. She is everything that we had ever dreamed and more. We are so blessed and we thank God everyday. She may have been born in China but this little girl was definitely meant to be ours. She fits with our famiy so well, she might as well share our genes. We are so in love...can you tell? :-) Her five new teeth have pretty much sprung and her newest favorite thing to say is "NO." She replaced her most recent word which was "Yellow." She must love the color or the sound of the word or both...she runs around spotting everything that is yellow and points it out while yelling the most sourthern form of the word.."Yallo" ..I love it. She also tells David and me "I love you" often. I melt each and every kidding. Here are few pics of Emily on "Gotcha Day" and some pics taken recently. What a big difference!!