Introducing Emily Grace Mei Venn

Monday, January 29, 2007

Referral update

The waiting is killing us. We have absolutely no more recent news to post other than this could be the week. Are we getting a baby or a set a twins? We just do not know. However, we are very hopeful that this is it. There is more than one rumor out there as to when this week, the referrals will be sent out. One, is that they will go out this very morning and we would know by Wednesday.(David’s birthday-what a b-day present!) Another, is that they will be mailed out by this Friday and we will not know until the following Monday. So, for this reason, we just stay busy planning. We bought a new digital video camera yesterday and spent the rest of the weekend visiting family. We are excited to announce that David’s brother and his wife just had another baby last week. A little 7lb 7oz girl whom they named Micah. We are so excited for them!!! Hopefully, it will not be long before Micah has a little playmate or two.
Woo Hoo…We just can’t wait!!!