Introducing Emily Grace Mei Venn

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Emily Grace is using the potty!!!

As of July 11th, I am proud to say that Emily Grace is using the potty!!!! O.k. she is only going number 1, but she is still doing it, nonetheless!!!! She did it all for a couple of MMs and a piece of trident gum each time of course, but whatever works we will do. She is very aware that she isn't to go in her panties, so she has asked me if she could wear diapers for nap time and during the night. Of course, I obliged. I just want to keep her doing it. So during the day when she is ready to go number 2, she will ask if she can wear her diaper for a little while. So that it what we do. I laugh each time. She isn't the least bit interested in using the potty for number 2, but I am encouraged that we will get there some time soon. I am so proud of her!!!! I found this great fold up and go potty seat for public use from "One step ahead." As of yesterday, we got over the "public potty hump." I can't say that I blame her for only wanting to go at home :-)

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Play Date at Dac Kids July 7th

I am always behind in the blogging world. We came right home from Nashville and had a play date planned with some of the GaWait members: Lisa and Briana, Kathy and Chani, and Deb and Li Li. It was great fun for Emily Grace, but the trip had tired her so much that we had to go home for a nap before the group even went to lunch.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

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Leaving Nashville from the Reunion

On our way home from the reunion, we stopped at the Land Opry Hotel. It is beautiful with tons of flowers, waterfalls and pathways. We also went to Opry Mills and Emily Grace rode on her very first Carrousel. She absolutely loved it. She had to ride it several times before leaving. After a while, we just stayed on it over and over and over again. :-) I just kept thinking how all of Emily Grace's Gotcha Day Sisters would have loved it as well. What a fantastic photo opportunity!! We also took a nice leisurely boat ride in the river that runs through the hotel. We really enjoyed ourselves before we started on our 4 1/2 journey home.

Monday, July 7, 2008

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4th of July gathering at the Fisher's

The Reunion officially started at Betsy Fisher's home. It was wonderful. We had great food, activities and fellowship.

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Earlier that day

Earlier on the last full day of our reunion, we all met at Cheekwood Gardens just outside Nashville for a pictures. Enjoy!

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Gotcha Day Sister Reunion 2008

We spent the 4th of July with all 7 of Emily Grace's "Gotcha Day Sisters and their respective families." It was a wonderful fun filled weekend. Best of all, this weekend allowed us to see how wonderfully each baby has blossomed in their forever families. Every lil' girl was so beautiful, happy and very well adjusted!! Praise God!!! Emily Grace played with each and every "sister." She loved it. Each morning she would say "I wanna see my friends" and at the end of the day she would say "I want 'more' friends." It was easy to get her to go to bed, we would just tell her that as soon as she woke up she could play with her friends. She readily went to bed. :-) We end with the last day of our reunion at an authentic TN restaurant with a Blue Grass Band. We were joined by the wonderful Morgan family who adopted AnnaLyn a week after we received Emily Grace. ( She is the baby on the far left in the "red bench" pic) It was nice to finally meet them. Historically, these "red bench" pics are the only ones with all of Emily Grace's Gotcha Day Sisters in one picture. A whole year later Neat Huh? What a nice way to say good-bye to everyone! We extend our farewells until next year!!!