Introducing Emily Grace Mei Venn

Monday, February 23, 2009

Emily Grace's Surgery

Emily Grace has to have surgery to correct her strabismus (her left eye occasionally turns out when focusing on an object far away in her visual distance. If left untreated, she could lose the vision in her left eye altogether and the eye would permanently remain turning outward) This surgery requires that the good eye be cut on as well. The plan is to attach a muscle from the weak eye to the strong to always keep them aligned. I have to say that I am EXTREMELY uneasy about relinquishing my daughter to be put to sleep and to have both of her eyes cut on..especially after seeing the possible risks from the surgery on the papers that we are required to sign. I promise you that I will need some sort of valium to go through with it. Currently, the surgery is scheduled for March 11th. May I please ask all of you for your prayers during scary but necessary time for us??!!! Please pray that Emily Grace emerges healthy, whole and with a successful surgery behind her without any complications. Please also pray that I am strong enough for her during this time!!!!!
I thank you in advance for the much needed prayers!!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Valentine's Day

After giving our sweet little Valentine her gift on Valentine's morning, we made cup cakes together for her to give all four grandparents as their gift. She was so excited!! Check out her first hair cut pics below as well!

Emily Grace's First Hair Cut

Just before Emily Grace's 3rd birthday, she finally had her first hair cut. Bless her heart, she was still pretty much bald at 13 months and it took forever for her to have enough hair for a bow let along enough hair to cut. Well recently, she had enough to put in two thin pigtails, but there was still quite a bit in the back of her hair that was not long enough to go up in the pigtails. So during craft time, a little girl at her baby sitter's house decided to cut a CHUNK of that remaining hair (that we waiting to grow in) so we had to cut all of her hair to make it look normal. She had to have about 2 1/2 inches cut from her length to even it out. Emily Grace was worried that she wouldn't have enough hair for her bows. I promised her that we would figure out how to wear her bows and not to worry.