Introducing Emily Grace Mei Venn

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Our Chinese New Year Baby Shower at Lissette and Vic's

Lissette gave David and I an amazing Chinese New Year Baby Shower in February. Tons of my Kennesaw Mountain High School friends came and helped us celebrate the upcoming arrival of our Emily Grace Mei. The food and the decorations were stellar. Lissette made the entire cuisine from scratch. We really did have a great time and Emily has lots of wonderful new things. Thank you Lissette and KMHS ladies!!!

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

The Fed Ex Stork Arrives!!

February 2nd 2007

The Fed Ex Stork arrives!!!!!
Today, David HAD to go to work so my parents and a family friend, Adam Lane, stayed with me awaiting the Fed Ex stork to arrive with pictures of our baby!! We couldn't wait to see her pretty face. At this moment we learned so much more about her.
Emily's current name is Fu Ni Mei and she lives in foster care in Jiangxi (between Hong Kong and Shanghai). She was born 3/2/2007 and is 11 months old. It may be 3-8 weeks before China allows us to meet her and bring her home. We are estimating that we will leave for China sometime in March.

The Fed Ex Stork Arrives!!

We Have a Baby!!!

February 1, 2007

Although the rumor wasn’t so great this morning, we prevailed!!  WE ARE PARENTS TO A BABY GIRL!!! Her name for now is Fu ni mei soon to be Emily Grace Venn.  She is 11months old. She was born March 2 2006 and she lives in the Jiangxi province. She is roughly 14 pounds. We should have a picture tomorrow!!!  We are so excited!!!  GOD IS GOOD!!!  DOR 2/1/2007