Introducing Emily Grace Mei Venn

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

June Update

We just returned from Las Vegas where I acted as Matron of Honor as well as honored family member to "give away" my friend Ursula Galosson as she married her best friend Dr. John Spence. What a fun and exhausting four days it was!! The whole weekend was full of fun, fabulous food, wine, great weather, a great beach like pool and ridiculously fun entertaining friends of the couple!! We did arrive home safely but with David sick as a dog. He has an upper respiratory infection with the early stages of bronchitis. Geeze...Poor David, he was ER sick the last time we were in Vegas...needless to say...David has decided that he hates Vegas. All of the pics were taken by a traveling photographer ( I plan to get copies) Now we are trying to calm down, get well and prepare for our week long trip to Walt Disney World coming all too soon. I hope that I have time to do the laundry before packing again. This is too fast paced for even me Lol!!! :o) Pics of both are coming soon!!!