Introducing Emily Grace Mei Venn

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Amy's Medical Concern

If you were not aware already, I suffered a near death accident when I was a teenager. I worked at a day camp in the summer and we had a "gator" (ATV) to move equipment. A long long story later, a couple of the counselors lured me into riding in the back of it. I really didn't want to ride in it. (teenage peer pressure at its worst) They wrecked it trying to scare me. It flipped over and landed on top of me (no one else was hurt) I was in serious shape. I ended up losing a kidney, my spleen, broke all of my ribs, collapsed both lungs, seriously damaged my pancreas, seriously bruised my liver and jolted my heart. My family was told to expect the worst. Later, I was told that I had been given about a 3% chance to survive. If I did survive, there was no guarantee that I would ever walk again since a 1,500 pound machine fell on my spine. I was in intensive care for 3 months and in and out of the hospital for another year and I had to relearn to walk again....but I did survive :-) However, I have been left with hypertension (due to the one kidney which was only functioning at 40%) I was plagued by pericarditis (terribly painful inflammation of the lining of the heart) for years and years and years. Since then, I have recovered from the pericarditis, but never the hypertension. My kidney did increase its function to nearly a 100%. I know this because I have very routine checks annually. So about 3 weeks ago, I had another, only this time, there was very frightening news. I was told that I may have a blockage. OMG!!!!! That means that we have to act quickly to determine the situation. A blockage can VERY QUICKLY kill an organ....very serious when you only have one. I was sent to various specialists to have a myriad of tests done and with each one, my concern grew worse. I kept thinking how will handle the long and arduous wait for a new kidney, undergo a transplant surgery and recovery time all while trying to give a 100% to my baby girl. I waited so long for her that I couldn't imagine being robbed of quality time with her. I will cry, now, thinking about it. All of this was occurring simultaneously with the advent of School. I couldn't even go to work for all of the tests, let alone think of preparing lesson plans. With all of the uncertainty, school began anyway and the most recent test came back that I do not have a blockage YEAH!!! but that I may have kidney reflux....what the heck is that? Apparently, it is when some of the toxins actually get backed up into the kidney although it continues to function. I have yet another test to determine if I do, and if so, I will need surgery to place some implant into the kidney to prevent it. Well heck, that is terrifying too!!! So, I haven't updated my blog lately, nor have I had the emotional clarity to return emails or phone calls. Eventually, I will do all three. Please be thinking/praying for me and/or send positive vibes my way. I am afraid. The ironic thing about all of it is that the anniversary of my accident was August 8th. I usually celebrate that I am still alive on that day, this year, I was overwhelmed with concern. I just want to be healthy.