Introducing Emily Grace Mei Venn

Thursday, November 22, 2007


Before I post one more post with pictures...would someone please tell how to correct our problem with
Once upon a time our pics were just posted and remained posted, now sometimes they are there and sometimes they are small or black and one has to click the "x" button to get them to appear. Any suggestions as to how I can correct this issue? Does anyone know a better uploading site?

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Chinese Lessons for Emily

It is nice to post that Emily has been cooperating very well with wearing her eye patch each day. Also, recently Emily has begun to take Chinese language classes. I read some where that a baby begins to lose his/her first language after having been separated from it for 6 months or longer. After having Emily for 6 months, I discovered that we had a Chinese language teacher living in our neighborhood. After having discussed private lessons with her, she came to visit Emily. I found out that Emily still remembered Chinese. She responded to simple commands and could say some Chinese words and phrases. I also discovered that what I thought was baby babble turned out to be Chinese. Early on, when I would play music, Emily would say a word that I thought was babble, but found it interesting that she would frequently say it each time. I learned that she was saying the Chinese word for "dance." On the day of Emily's first lesson, the teacher told Emily good-bye in Chinese and Emily responed a full sentence. She said "see you next week." The teacher was surprised and so was I. I have a ton of other examples. I learn more and more about Emily Grace every day. :-) The Chinese lessons have been fun and we both are learning a lot. Oh yeah, we are still interviewing Nannies. Ughhhh. Wish us luck!!!!!

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

So Much To Tell!!

Yes, we have been out of cyber touch for a while. A lot has happened. We have had to change nannies, we have had to begin therapy on Emily's eye, not to mention Halloween and birthday parties. Yes, we had to begin therapy on Emily's left eye. About two months ago, we noticed that Emily's left eye would occassionally turn outward while the right one remained focused. This usually only occurred when she was tired. We took her to a Ped. eye doc (what a haneous experience!!!) Emily couldn't understand why so many people were in her face touching her eyes and such. She became so upset that she had to be restrained and they had to use metal bicep things to pry her eyes open. I had never heard her scream quite like that....not even on "gotcha day." I cried along with her. When it was over, we were told that she had stribismus (sp?) (Apparently, she has been seeing double for some time now) It ruins her depth perception. I had noticed that she would begin to step up on a step before she actually came close enough to it. Now, she has to wear a patch over her good eye for an hour each day. I feared that she wouldn't cooperate based on her eye exam, so I explained it to her like I really believed I could convince her to cooperate. Something must have worked because she wears it each day without fuss. Phew!!! What a relief!! If all goes well, this therapy should correct the issue. Our nanny, Jeannie, had to say good-bye last week. We appreciated all that she did for Emily and for us. We have been running around interviewing new ones and checking out "in-home" daycares and such. It has been a trying time. In addition to that we went to Maisie Shanahan's 2nd birthday party. She is also from China. It was a nice party. We also experienced Emily's first Halloween. She did very well. She had never had candy prior to that night, but some how she knew it was edible. She was more excited about giving it out to the other children then to actually knock on doors to seek it out for herself. Her costume was cute, but we had to add a t-shirt to keep her from getting too cold.