Introducing Emily Grace Mei Venn

Tuesday, September 29, 2009


I have had several people tell me that they are disappointed that we have stopped updating the blog. I plan to update like crazy in the next few days!! I will admit that after I started posting on facebook that I totally neglected the blog. I promise to update :o)
Stay tuned!! There will be tons of pics and quick dialogue to tell you all that you have missed :o)
Thank you in advance for tuning in and caring what we are doing in our family with our sweet Emily Grace!!


my3 kids said...

Hey how are you doing?? I never get to check out blogs being on dial-up but wanted to check in as I am away for work and have wireless for a couple days..yippeee Can't wait to see your updated pix of Emily Grace. Hope your all well.:)

Steph said...

The same thing happened to me, but I promise to do better too. But you gotta love FB.

Anonymous said...

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