Introducing Emily Grace Mei Venn

Friday, April 3, 2009

Happy Gotcha Day to Emily Grace's Gotcha Day Sisters!

Here is pic of all of Emily Graces' "Gotcha Day" sisters at the 1st year reunion!! They were all roughly 2 years old. It was tough trying to get them to smile all at once. (If you are not sure which beautiful baby is Emily Grace, she is the one with pigtails) They are all roughly 3 years old now. I would love to see them all together at this age.


my3 kids said...

What beautiful girls and of course I could pick your beauty's so easy as she just lights up the picture with that smile of hers. Do you think you will be able to get together with her China sisters? would be fun to see them all together now!

Jackie Sue said...

I sure hope we can all be together again...that was such a fun time! So glad that EG is doing so well and that you all enjoyed your GD anniversary :)